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Helpful hints when bidding for property via online auction

18 Jun 2021

With online purchases spurred on by the lockdown regulations, more home buyers - who are already accustomed to starting their search for potential properties online - are finding that online property auctions are a safe and easy way to make a purchase. "South Africans in general are increasi...

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4 ways self-service helps insurers cut costs and time

17 Jun 2021

Standing out in a competitive industry like insurance is a challenge. To remain competitive, insurers must understand how to successfully serve their customers while keeping costs low. It's for this reason that there is an increasing demand for self-service options. When an insurance customer sel...

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Load shedding - Why you should test your alarm battery

17 Jun 2021

Against the backdrop of several rounds of load shedding in recent days, a warning has been issued for homeowners and business owners to test the battery systems for the alarm and security systems they use. "We recommend that people test these systems on a regular basis, but this has become m...

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7 Questions landlords need to ask before appointing a property manager

15 Jun 2021

Choosing a property manager or estate agent can be a daunting task, especially if you've never rented a property before. In order to find the right property manager, you need to ask the right questions. Becoming a landlord is no small thing and you probably invested a very large chunk of your l...

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