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Why megaprojects to deliver houses in South Africa might not work

25 May 2018

In 2014, the South African government announced a new direction in housing policy. The aim was to phase out smaller low cost housing projects of a few hundred units and focus exclusively on megaprojects - new settlements made of multitudes of housing units combined with a host of social amenities...

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African buyers are investing in South African property

24 May 2018

While the number of international buyers in residential property in South Africa remains relatively low, at somewhere in the region of three percent nationally, investors from elsewhere on the continent - including returning expats - retain their appetite for the acquisition of South African real ...

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SAPOA, Property Sector Charter Council to continue partnership on transformation

24 May 2018

The South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) will continue to fund the Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC) to the tune of around R250,000 a year for an additional three-year period. The intention of this ongoing strategic partnership is to collaborate in fostering a common goal and vi...

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'Prepare for property valuation knock-on effects'

23 May 2018

As Johannesburg and Buffalo City residents deal with the aftershocks of their property valuation hikes, Cape Town residents are urged to prepare for their re-appraisals which will hit next year. Earlier this year, Johannesburg residents voiced their outrage over property valuation increases, some...

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