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How tech-enabled estate agents enhance the customer experience

24 May 2019

The saying 'data is the new oil' has been cropping up with increasing frequency as industries explore the many applications of this 21st Century commodity. While the real estate industry may be a step or two behind the curve when it comes to leveraging the power of data to enhance their services, a ...

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Green shoots at last in the property sector?

24 May 2019

Following the elections, there are signs of increased activity in the property market which may signal a possible upturn, says Gary Palmer, CEO, Paragon Lending Solutions. "The first quarter of 2019 was very tough and people took some real losses after a relatively stagnant 2018," says...

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How the huge gender pay gap in SA is limiting home affordability for single women

23 May 2019

Recent statistics from Lightstone show that single women are now buying significantly more homes in SA than married couples, and way more than single males. However, the chances are that single women would be buying even more homes, and increasing the size / price of those they that they do buy, wer...

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5 reasons why downsizing is on trend

22 May 2019

The international trend of purchasing smaller homes continues unabated and downsizing isn't necessarily only a symptom of tough economic times. Many well-heeled homeowners are choosing to downsize to smaller properties that are easier to manage. In South Africa, this trend has been confirmed by the ...

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