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Is the interest rate going up this week?

20 Nov 2018

Economists from Firstrand expect the interest rate to increase by 25 basis points this week. Find out the implications for the property market if this happens. The reasons the bank expects interest rates to increase The South African Reserve Banks's target range for CPI (Consumer Price I...

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How tax breaks for first-time buyers could help stimulate the economy

20 Nov 2018

The state of the South African economy has been on a downward spiral that has culminated in a technical recession announced in September this year. While the South African government has no control over global market conditions, it does have the power to promote economic growth by implementing strat...

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Housing challenges and solutions for Africa's fast-growing cities

19 Nov 2018

Africa will have some of the fastest-growing cities in the world over the next 50 years. With this rapid expansion comes many challenges, including urban planning that encompasses affordable housing solutions for the growing number of urban dwellers, as well as provisions for sufficient clean water,...

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5 reasons why coworking spaces work for entrepreneurs

15 Nov 2018

Coworking spaces are designed to be dynamic by offering functionality and flexibility and are particularly well-suited for companies and Linda Trim, director at FutureSpace, a coworking joint venture between Investec Property and workplace specialists Giant Leap with two offices in Sandton Central...

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