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How "refirement" is reshaping senior housing

19 Jul 2019

People are generally living longer these days than they used to, with the result that the over-60 sector of the population is growing and the need for senior accommodation is increasing. However "retirement" now is also a very different concept from what it used to be, says Berry Everit...

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Property co-ownership: Sharing requires a lot of caring

18 Jul 2019

Buying a property with your best friend may sound like a slice of happiness - you get onto the property ladder faster and for less than you thought and you have someone with whom to share the electricity bill and home maintenance tasks like mowing the lawn or painting the roof. However, there are...

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Arming estate agents with the right information to value a property correctly

16 Jul 2019

With the current trend in the residential property market favouring buyers over sellers, correct property valuation has become more of a priority for real estate agents, in their efforts to ensure a timeous sale. According to the April 2019 FNB Estate Agents Survey, the average time homes spent o...

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When to buy a holiday home

15 Jul 2019

Though the idea of a vacation is hard to imagine this time of year, savvy investors should seize the opportunity to find their holiday home in the peace and stillness of the off-season before the crowds arrive to drive up prices. "After the crowds clear out, buyers can get a better idea of w...

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